The Collapsed Star Core is a resource that occasionally drops from around LvL23-Bosses like Tech-Hunters and Guardians.

With Patch 15.3 (May 4th 2015) the drop rate of "star materials" was increased by 10%.

Collapsed Star Core is needed to build (and to upgrade) StarGates which will transport your character to other planets. These planets already have a set return-stargate that you can see on your compass when you're there.

Recipe for Stargate Low-Level Planets:Edit

Ingredient(s) Amount
Gems 350
Ore 350
Organics 350
Element-X 150
Plasma 100
Collapsed Star Core 1

Recipe for Stargate Mid-Level Planets:Edit

Ingredient(s) Amount
Gems 600
Ore 600
Organics 600
Element-X 300
Plasma 200
Collapsed Star Core 2