Summary: Allows you to build modular parts, entire creations, and tools.  Schematics are shared across all factories.

Fossil - Brick

Fossil - Block

Fossil - Rebar Enforced Block

Fossil - Enriched Brick

Fossil - Infused Block

Fossil - Irradiated Block

Ore - Pellet

Ore - Ingot

Ore - Bar

Ore - Enriched Ingot

Ore - Infused Bar

Ore - Irradiated Bar

Gem - Cut Gemstone

Gem - Multi-Carat Gemstone

Gem - Pristine Gemstone

Gem - Eriched Gemstone

Gem - Infused Gemstone

Gem - Irradiated Gemstone

Element-X Spherical Cube

Element-X Large Spherical Cube

Element-X Immense Spherical Cube

Element-X Enriched Spherical Cube

Element-X Infused Spherical Cube

Element-X Irradiated Spherical Cube

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