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Used to extract Element-X from the ground.

The blueprint for Harvester has a chance of dropping from slain monsters.

Upgrading the Harvester will increase the harvest speed and max capacity.

There's roughly 100 Element-X in every spot and you will most likely run out before you manage to fill up your Harvester. Do not upgrade your Harvester because most of the time the new spot will spawn out of range from your harvester and you will need to build another one.

Harvester upgrades
Lvl Stats

Harvests 1 Element-X every 10.4 seconds.

Max capacity 600


Harvests 1 Element-X every 9.2 seconds

Max capacity 900


Harvests 1 Element-X every 8.2 seconds

Max capacity 1050


Harvests 1 Element-X every 7.3 seconds

Max capacity 1200


Harvests 1 Element-X every 6.6 seconds

Max capacity 1350


Harvests 1 Element-x every 6 seconds.

Max capacity 1500



Ingredient(s) Amount
Gems 20
Ore 20
Fossils 20
Wood 20
Food 20

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