PATCH 7 2014-01-18 03:16 ESTEdit


-BALANCE: Force Field Doors now have a higher drop chance.

-BALANCE: Active Nexus Nodes now stop people building near them. NOTE: The distance is 2x the Max Upgraded Radius to stop rampant griefing of people building Nexus Nodes on Top of Each Other.

-BALANCE PVE: If you are within another FOF Group's Nexus Shield you can no longer damage their Buildings

-IMPROVEMENT: Whenever there is a New Patch, we will auto save the previous version of the SaveData. This should help one recover from any Game Server Mishaps.


-IMPROVEMENT: TeamSay is now colored Blue

-IMPROVEMENT: Tech Hunters have found their Elemental Skins

-IMPROVEMENT: Tech Hunters Bosses are now decked out in some Tech Hunter Gear!

-IMPROVEMENT: You now spawn FACING your uplink so you have frame of references when you awake from death or being offline.

-IMPROVEMENT: New PlayerSkill: Pet Duration

-IMPROVEMENT: Increased the Responsiveness of Items on Client

-IMPROVEMENT: Nexus Shield Node's shield now scales with the Upgrade Level

-SHOUTOUT: reddit user: moose111 for the Nexus Shield Node scaling suggestion.

-IMPROVEMENT: Your backpack orb is now a gold color so you can more easily tell it apart from the other fallen on the alien planet surface

-NEWPLACEDITEM: Area Totem: Claim an area as your very own! Many more insane benefits coming in a future patch!

-IMPROVEMENT: Generators and Farms now have a TAKE ALL button. Let all the mice buttons in the world Rejoice.

-IMPROVEMENT: Server save optimizations.

-IMPROVEMENT: More server CPU optimizations.

-IMPROVEMENT: Player Health is now persisted. So if you Log Out to get full health it will no longer work.

-IMPROVEMENT: MultiTools Can Now Heal Rooms and Base Items via Right Clicking. It does cost Resources To Heal.

-IMPROVEMENT: Added Hotbar icons for Landmines and Stunner Landmines

-IMPROVEMENT: Client Side GPU optimizations

-BALANCE PVE: Landmines no longer harm other players.

-BUGFIX: Landmines can now be destroyed by shooting or meleeing them

-BUGFIX: Fix server browser sort tabs blanking out the list

-BUGFIX: Fixed Placed Base Items not being lit correctly.

-BUGFIX: Fix for people sometimes respawning at destroyed Uplinks

-BUGFIX: When building a nexus node it is no longer in the ground.

-BUGIX: MonoCycle no longer drives above the water. You will take damage from driving into the water.

-PATCHDANCE: A New Dance Added

-SHOUOUT: We missed giving a SHOUTOUT to WeiWei! He was the victor in our Pre-Early Access Alpha Race to Max Level on the Experimental Server. The Weary Wanderer is now named: WeiWei the Weary Wanderer. This tireless NPC wanders the world with his vow of silence keeping him quiet for the moment. But his vast wealth of IN-GAME knowledge shall flow into the worlds when he has completed his personal quest!

PATCH 6.1 2014-01-14 18:56 ESTEdit


-BUGIX: Fixed some issues with saving world data.

-IMPROVEMENT: Hardened character saving even further.

-PATCHDANCE: We missed some patches. So 3 new dances added!

PATCH 6 2014-01-14 7:30 ESTEdit


-IMPROVEMENT: Hotbar now has a 'Clear Slot' button

-IMPROVEMENT: Saving persistent data is now hardened against crashes during the save.

-IMPROVEMENT: Server names have 0 prefixed so you can more easily see server status of your server.

-IMPROVEMENT: More Server CPU Optimizations

-IMPROVEMENT: Increase the initial time out so slower connections can get the world data for the server.

-BALANCE: When placing LandMines you now play an animation which takes a short time.

-BUGIX: Fix Base Items not being able to be melee'd Let the SLAUGHTER of the Harvesters commence!

-BUGIX: MonoCycles' sound should correctly loop.

-BUGIX: Fixed Server Browser Crash

-BUGIX: Power has returned to GRAV. Powered items should now start up correct after server restarts.

-SHOTOUT: Panda Trueno for being killed over and over by landmines :-)

-BUGIX: Fix a Server Hang.

PATCH 5.1 2014-01-13 16:29 ESTEdit


-BUGFIX: Fix the server crash bug that slithered into PATCH 5.

PATCH 5 2014-01-12 02:00 ESTEdit


-SHOUTOUT: Thank you to the folks that logged onto the TestLagFixServer this morning at 0400 EST and all through the day!!!

-IMPROVEMENT: Dramatically reduce CPU overhead of moving player on the server. Hopefully helps with the lag issues we are seeing.

-IMPROVEMENT: Move saving to a separate thread. Removes the MEGA hitches we see in profiles! Hopefully helps with the lag issues we are seeing.

-IMPROVEMENT: Many more server optimizations.

-IMPROVEMENT: Fossils now have a pretty new look!

-IMPROVEMENT: We now show the PATCH # as the map name so you can see which servers are updated.

-IMPROVEMENT: InGame Server browser will only show COMPATIBLE game servers to the client you have.

-IMPROVEMENT: The PATCH version of the game is displayed in the Map Column of the Steam Server Browser

-IMPROVEMENT: Server browser can now sort by servers you have been in before

-IMPROVEMENT: A New Dance Has Been Added. -IMPROVEMENT: Three New Music Tracks Added.

-BUGFIX: Harvesters should correctly harvest when no one is near them again.

-BUGFIX: Server Browser - Fixed sorting by server name.

-BUGFIX: Server Browser - Fixed Refresh.

-BUGFIX: Server Browser - Fixed sorting by players.

-BUGFIX: Fix Large Numbers of CampFires causing a crash on the server randomly.

-BALANCE: Fixed being able to take down forcefield doors with melee weapons.

-SHOUTOUT: Dafacey - Pet Durations are in GAME hours not irl hours.

PATCH 4 2014-01-10 06:10 ESTEdit


-IMPROVEMENT: Many more server optimizations to help reduce lag.

-BUGFIX: Some of the lower tier armor pieces were not dropping. The mobs were being very stingy. We have told them to start dropping armor or else...

-BUGFIX: Really fix All Melee Weapons so they don't do damage to buildings.

PATCH 3 2014-01-09 06:10 ESTEdit


-IMPROVEMENT: Memory Usage reduced even more. (We are still working on this)

-IMPROVEMENT: In Game Server Browser shows results immediately

-IMPROVEMENT: Memory Usage reduced -IMPROVEMENT: When you die and have a locator your Last Death Location will appear on the HUD.

-IMPROVEMENT: Optimized Dedicated Server Frametime

-IMPROVEMENT: UnThrottle Bandwidth Limits some

-IMPROVEMENT: Servers will restart if they somehow crash no (go go bat files)

-BALANCE: Melee Weapons NO longer damage Buildings. You will need to shoot Buildings to destroy them.

-SHOUTOUT: To (AU) Jaden For the Above!

-SHOUTOUT: Rename World Artifact Opener to Artifact Decrypter (thanks for the suggestion CancoZ!)

-BUGFIX: Desync on rocks should be fixed

-BUGFIX: You can now use the steam server browser to join servers

-BUGFIX: Fix Startup Crash

-BUGFIX: Fix Landing sometimes causing a crash when you land in a crevice

-BUGFIX: Fix Turrets Crashing the Client when they are near malformed terrain slope normals

PATCH 2 2014-01-09 05:10 ESTEdit


-BALANCE: Resources don't respawn instantly

-BUGFIX: Traps/Turrets/Laser Fences default to FoF Security Mode So they should 'work' again

-BUGFIX: Force Field Doors now correctly Block people if they are closed

-BUGFIX: Flare Font Text larger

-BUGFIX: Boss Tech Hunters found their missing light"

PATCH 1 2014-01-09 01:10 ESTEdit


-PvE Servers: Now exist. Check the steam community hub for how to set up your own!

-BALANCE: Improved Vehicles take Fossils instead of Ore for their fuel

-BALANCE: More resources by default.

-BUGFIX: Fixed Resources not respawning correctly. SORRY ABOUT THAT GUYS!

-BUGFIX: Monster numbers should be fixed

-BUGFIX: Powered Items now work again (wires got crossed so to speak)

-BUGFIX: Fixed In Game Server Browser overlapping the connect button.

-BUGFIX: MultiTool no longer fires from the hip

-BUGFIX: Fixed Special Area Spawn Node being in the ground

-BUGFIX: Being able to use the Storage Bin from across the map.



Welcome to GRAV! It is a work in progress!

Things are more fun with a friend! Pair up with a buddy and pick a friend or foe code to share.

Can't find your friend? Build a FlareGun at the Science Station and launch flares to find each other. Be careful though, everyone can see the flares.