Images in tablesEdit

I know images are fancy but they take up precious space and increase loading time. Should/could we stop including images in tables and keep the images on the item pages instead.. Also, placeholder images are ugly, please... --V6 (talk) 11:03, January 17, 2015 (UTC)

How to handle multiple languages on Wiki Edit

As long as there's not much text it's easy to see what's what but when we dwelve into a full page it will start to get messy.

We are all here to help out but we can do it better. This wiki is has every page served in english with english buttons, etc etc. Everything is basically in english except for the content you chose to write in another language.. This is poor design.

If we are going to be making a multi-language wiki it is better to make a completely new Wiki and we just link to it.

Now the big "WHY?"

1. I only update content in english so if anything changes in a game we need to have multiple editors change 1 page and that's just silly. I can't update any other language than english so now we have contradicting information. This is really bad. People might see it and thing that the wiki is just full of old or bad information or they will just ignore the non-english pages then why would there be any reason to use any other language than english.

2. There's something called "recent changes" and "activity". It will show pages that are changed but it would be smarter to have a different wiki because then you know when your language has been changed/updated.

3. We can serve the whole page in the language we are making the wiki in. English website and english pages, French website and french pages, etc etc.

Good read

--V6 (talk) 11:27, January 17, 2015 (UTC) --V6 (talk) 10:15, January 18, 2015 (UTC)

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